Corporate responsibility

Santikos Hotels and Resort Sustainability Policy

Santikos Hotels and Resorts display an eco-friendly action plan to provide environmental protection to its local community, guests, and hotel’s staff.

The resorts have a clear plan for sustainability so that future generations can continue to enjoy our beautiful nature and wonderful sea. We work together in a common quest to reduce our negative effects on the environment

Within this framework, we establish a sustainability policy which implements environmental practices in a number of areas:

Environmental Policy

  • The hotel is complied with the environmental laws and regulations.

  • We do train our staff according to our environmental commitments.

  • SHR is a member of the environmental institute, Green Fox.

  • Housekeeping department is using cleaning materials which are friendly to the environment. (Ecolab)

  • SHR participates to the Skiatho’s environmental program that has to do with the cleaning of the beaches.

Energy Policy

  • The hotel is compliant with the national waste regulations and is actively engaged in achieving a reduction in energy consumption and costs.

  • SHR is using economy lamps for lighting as well as timer in order to turn off the lights automatically.

  • Preventive maintenance on a daily basis. This will stop unexpected break downs and save energy and water as well as spare parts cost.

Water Management

  • Reuse of waste water and delivery to the irrigation systems.

  • All guest rooms contain tent cards for reusing linen and towels. This program will reduce the consumption of chemicals, water and electricity.

  • We maintain pipes and leaky taps.

  • Install sensors, low-flow and other water-saving devices in kitchen and public wc’s.

  • We have install solar panels for delivering hot water

  • We are training staff according to our environmental commitments like reducing the water consumption by setting the relevant signs.

Waste Management

  • Reducing the amount of waste from our activities and apply separation reuse and recycling on the waste that we produce.

  • Recycling glass, plastics, metal as well as burned oil from the kitchen

  • We supply goods in large packages in order to reduce the packaging volume.

  • We avoid plastic goods as much as we can.

  • We buy products with recycled content.

  • We do recycle clothes, furniture and devices between the sister hotels.


  • The Hotel have a written policy document that specifies the way in which it aims to treat the people it employs (for example, from the health and safety of employee s through to upholding equal opportunities and other fundamental human rights).

  • Employees are free to enter their employment through their own choice.

  • Employees are free to leave their employment when they choose, without penalty.

  • Employees paid a wage equal to the national legal minimum wage.

  • The working hours comply with national law or benchmark industry standards, whichever affords employees most protection.


Santikos Hotels and Resort corporate social responsibility program aspires to help the community in general to find a way out of the global crisis. New forms of business practice that contribute to fundamental society rights such as social justice, sustainable production and consumption that contribute to environment and fight against poverty and corruption.

  • Member of the Culture association of Skiathos

  • We donate clothes and medicines to the Skiathos Local Hospital.

  • Hosting to the o of European Union Mr Schulz, to the Vice president of the Greek G overment Evagelos Venizelos, to the Vice-Minister Mr.Kourkoulas, to the representative of UNESCO Mrs Katerina Daskalaki.

  • 10% commission from Yvony’s permanent exhibition of Paintings which hotel hosts, goes each time to a different institute of Skiathos island.

The above commitments concerning Health, Security, Environment and Local Community are priorities in the activities of the hotel and we will keep on training guests and staff according to our sustainability policy.